Our team is experienced, vibrant, and driven.

We are more than just entrepreneurial enablers.


We are trusted partners.

Shuhei Morofuji CEO & Founder

Takeo Matsuda Managing Director (Corporate Governance)

Masaki Yano CFO

Jun Haranaga CTO

James Bitanga CLO & Director of Strategy and Communications

Gabriyel Wong CRO

Priscilla Han Head of Venture Investments and Joint Ventures

Kenny Jin Head of Talent Acquisition & HR Business Partner

Imran Johri Head of Marketing and PR

Mina Kadooka Finance and Accounting Lead

Deby Joevita Lead User Experience Designer

Keita Ojima Senior Software Engineer

Laura Lee Research Lead

Sharon Wang HR Operations Manager

Toby Ng Accounting Manager

SingRui Ong Brand Manager

Michael Lee Associate (Investments)

Lisa Lim Legal Counsel

Amalthea Ng Human Resources Associate

Alvin Low Accountant

Lee Qi Wei HR Operations Associate

Koji Shikatani Corporate Strategy Lead

Go Miura Corporate Strategy Associate

Ang Minyi Corporate Strategy Associate

David-Jonathan Chan Corporate Strategy Associate

Lorin Winata Corporate Strategy Associate