On-ground and behind-the-scenes, these are the people
driving the REAPRA brand
On-ground and behind-the-scenes, these are the people driving the REAPRA brand
Shuhei Morofuji
Shuhei Morofuji CEO & Founder
Takeo Matsuda
Takeo Matsuda Managing Director (Corporate Governance)
Masaki Yano
Masaki Yano CFO
James Bitanga
James Bitanga CLO & Director of Strategy and Communications

Our experienced CxO team helps entrepreneurs navigate complex business landscapes to become trail-blazers.

-Gabriyel Wong
Gabriyel Wong
Gabriyel Wong CRO
Jun Haranaga
Jun Haranaga CTO
Priscilla Han
Priscilla Han Chief Investment Officer
Kenny Jin
Kenny Jin Head of Talent Acquisition & HR Business Partner

Our support team provides functional skill sets to our founders, enabling them in their entrepreneurial journey.

-Imran Johri
Imran Johri
Imran Johri Head of Marketing and PR
Mina Kadooka
Mina Kadooka Finance and Accounting Lead
Laura Lee
Laura Lee Research Lead
Eugene Ho
Eugene Ho Research Lead
Sharon Wang
Sharon Wang HR Operations Manager
Keita Ojima
Keita Ojima Senior Software Engineer
Singrui Ong
Singrui Ong Brand Manager
Toby Ng
Toby Ng Accounting Manager
Lisa Lim
Lisa Lim Legal Counsel
Michael Lee
Michael Lee Investments
Amalthea Ng
Amalthea Ng Human Resources Associate
Alvin Low
Alvin Low Accountant
Liyana Othman
Liyana Othman Research Associate
Rachel Low
Rachel Low Legal Counsel
Julia Loo
Julia Loo HR Operations Associate
Koji Shikatani
Koji Shikatani Corporate Strategy Associate
Go Miura
Go Miura Corporate Strategy Associate

We drive eager-to-learn entrepreneurs towards building long term sustainable businesses.

-Go Miura
David-Jonathan Chan
David-Jonathan Chan Corporate Strategy Associate
Saijai (Kia) Pongsripetch
Saijai (Kia) Pongsripetch Corporate Strategy Associate
Daisuke Shigaki
Daisuke Shigaki Corporate Strategy Associate
Eileen Zhang
Eileen Zhang Corporate Strategy Associate
Nick Martin
Nick Martin Investment Lead

If you are at early stage and embrace ‘efficient entrepreneurship’, contact a member of the B80 Team.

-Nick Martin
Lien Pham
Lien Pham Investments (Vietnam)
Phak Waripunth
Phak Waripunth Investment Sourcing (Thailand)