With you, from the start, and onwards,
in creating a sustainable business.
With you, from the start, and onwards, in creating a sustainable business.
At the heart of Reapra's investment philosophy lies the Promising Business Field, a heavily researched methodology, designed to evaluate opportunities for their long-term potential.
Our Mission and Vision
Alignment with Our Mission and Vision

By ensuring alignment with Reapra’s core mission and vision, we enable collaborations within our ecosystem of subsidiaries and continual investments from our stakeholders, who all share Reapra’s long term view on investment.

Economics & Dynamics
Manoeuvring Market Economics & Dynamics

We ensure no oversight on regulatory constraints that may inhibit the business. Reapra invests in research on market trends and demographic shifts to understand economies and consumer behaviour changes. The entrepreneur can tap upon this to tackle production value chain challenges or design the business strategy.

Strong and clear
Strong and clear value proposition

Niche focus to build out the product-market fit muscle initially, in order to navigate complex macro-level market dynamics.

Lean model
Lean model

Driving organic growth by tapping into technology or creative strategies to effectively manage sales and operation costs well below market norms.

Active Two-Way Partnership

We provide value-add to all portfolio companies through our mentorship, hands-on support and extensive business network to help them metamorphosize.

Founders are
nurtured, not born

Founders are nurtured, not born

The idea of the ideal Entrepreneur

We look at key personality and capability traits, which we believe are central to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Unlike other VCs, Reapra does not perform "fire-and-forget" investing. Rather, we provide continual support to entrepreneurs through an educational process that helps achieve the mastery of trade.

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Our Investment

Our Investment Structure

patient capital approach
Patient Capital Approach

We provide the space to grow, typically looking at a 10 to 20-year horizon - a much longer timeframe than typical VCs or PEs.

Industry-level Holding Company Structure

We build and invest through setting up holding company entities in target entry business, empowering them to sustainably achieve scale and market positioning.

We also pass on best-in-class and success proven business management guidelines, that are refined through years of hands-on business building experience.

build approach focus
Build Approach Focus

We focus mainly on homegrown zero-to-one entry business, with diversification on a case-by-case basis through investments in selected later-stage businesses of JV opportunities.